Friday, February 14, 2014

And The Winner Is...

Don Larsen!!!!

But, I'm going to take PATP's advice and send a ball to both. I just have to go get another $15 OMLB ball.

What? I can tel you're looking at me like you thought I was going to announce the winner of something else. Sorry, I got nothin' for ya.

Oh wait - I forgot. I need to announce the winner of the Harper Black Friday card. First, I had randomly select a number for me to act as the number of times I would randomize my list. It selected number 32. Would have been way cooler at 34 (Harper's number), but I never have anything cool like that happen. Anyway, after 32 rounds in the randomizer, the winner is....

Alex of Chavez Ravining! I feel kind of bad about this - I first "met" Alex because he decided he no longer wanted to focus on building a Bryce Harper PC. Greg (Plaschke, They Sweater Is Argyle) told Alex I might be interested in acquiring his Harper cards - and I was. Unfortunately, not long after our trade, Alex decided he did want to keep his Harper PC. Even worse for him, I'm kinda greedy when it comes to Harper cards, so I didn't offer to give the cards back. (I know I'm an ass)

So, here's to a new start, Alex!

1 comment:

  1. Haha. Thanks for the contest Judson.

    No worries on the Harper cards. I will eventually reacquire everything I traded away anyways.