Friday, February 7, 2014

Sometimes, I Don't Know What To Say

Occasionally, Blogger decides that it doesn't want to share all of the posts that should appear in my feed. This leads to me missing an awesome card that someone pulled, trade bait being offered up that I would love to have or just an overall awesome post that would have made my day better just by reading.

Earlier today, I clicked on the latest post from Mark's Ephemera in which he shares his gratitude for making Night Owl's Top 12 "always read to the bottom" blogs.

He was also grateful for being nominated for Best Blogger at it's like having my own Card Shop. In giving thanks, he also mentions a few new blogs that he is following because of the nomination. He mentioned my blog, which, unbeknownst to me, had been nominated at Dan's blog for Best New Blog.

I'm truly speechless.

I never saw the posts by Dan because Blogger evidently thought I shouldn't see them. Evidently, Blogger isn't as big of a fan of my blog as some of you are.

Dan, I truly appreciate the honor of being nominated. To whoever nominated me...I'll spot you $50 when I find out who you are!

In all seriousness, I am truly honored and appreciative of the nomination. When I started this blog, I didn't think anyone would read. I did it more for me to have an outlet to write - I have two degrees in journalism and mass communication that I don't use professionally, so I need to keep my skills sharp. The fact that people not only read it but like it is....well, it's beyond me. So, thank you to everyone who has ever read My Cardboard Habit.

And thanks to Mark for giving me a bit of time on his blog and for letting me know I was up for an award! I owe you!


  1. You're welcome. defgav over at Baseball Card Breakdown gave you up. Can I split your reward with him?

  2. Ha, yes, it was me. What can I say, I enjoy your blog and always look forward to reading new posts. That said, I'm very competitive and I hope you don't win! haha

  3. It's amazing what a few kind words or gestures can do to make an individual's day. That's what I try to model for my students. Keep up the great posts and best of luck on the Best Blogger nomination.

  4. Sorry you missed out on my posts! Congrats on your nomination!