Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Best TTM I've Ever Received! (Part 2)

I've seen a couple posts about people getting a TTM back  from this person in the past couple weeks, so I was optimistic that I would get mine back. And I did:

Boom! Kid K, Clayton Kershaw! I'll be honest, when I sent this out, I didn't think I would get it back. I figured that a star pitcher like him probably got too much mail to sign and return everything, so I had written it off. Yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find a familiar self-adressed stamped envelope. The postmark had a North Texas stamp, so I was a bit confused - all of the cards I sent out to Rangers players have been accounted for. I temporarily forgot that Kershaw lives in Highland Park (side note - even with the new contract, Kershaw probably isn't the wealthiest person in his neighborhood).

The signature is beautiful - the blue ink looks great- and the added number inscription makes it even cooler.

I am pretty happy to add this to my collection!

PS - Be on the lookout for my next post - I'm going to rant a bit, but I will end it with a contest!!!