Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So, I'm Stuck In A Hotel...

Sometimes, work requires me to travel and stay overnight. Usually, I get to stay overnight in towns that I actually enjoy. This time, I am not so lucky. I'm in Wichita Falls, Texas, and I am bored to death. I have no cards to open. I have nothing new to share.

Except one thing.

This morning, Topps was kind enough to send me an e-mail to let me know that 2014 Turkey Red Baseball was available online for $20 a box. I've seen some cards from the last Turkey Red run (2012, I believe). I like the design, so I jumped.

Then, when looking over the checklist, I noticed that some boxes are already listed on eBay for $50-$60. Who the hell would actually pay that when they can just go to the Topps website and get a box for $20? Oh well, not my concern I suppose.

Also in news for the day, I was approached by a company who wanted to advertise their website on my blog (a single post, no more). They offered $40 for a one-time mention. I haven't given them an answer, I've been trying to determine if it would be detrimental to the blog to do so. Would you stop reading if you felt like I was trying to peddle a company's product via a paid endorsement?

I thank you in advance for your input. (And I apologize for the random, rambling nature of this post)


  1. LOLZ. I love company hotel says.

    Also, take the money.

  2. Hey, you just plugged Topps and their website for free, may as well get some cheddar for it.

  3. I see no problem with advertising from time to time, a great opportunity to make some cash to spend on cards. A win-win situation.

  4. Depends on what you think of the company/product.

  5. All I'd say is do your research. There are some "advertising companies" out there that are fraudulent and may try and take advantage of you. Read the fine print and be careful!

  6. Say yes fast enough to cover the cost of two boxes of those Turkey Reds!

  7. I was born in Wichita Falls, TX. We moved away shortly thereafter, though, so I don't remember anything about it.

  8. I was approached last October about allowing a company to advertise on my blog. They said that the advertisement would even be relevant to reader demographic. When I found it was for a on-line gambling site I walked away. As a math teacher and a cruncher of numbers I couldn't allow it.

    Find out what it is and if it's not against your moral fiber, then take the card money and run!

  9. Take the money.

    Per Turkey Red, it sold out very quickly last time which is why people are selling it for huge markups on ebay. But the thing that people don't seem to get is that anytime Topps has a commercial success like that, the next year they crank up the press run by a literal ton. That iteration ends up being a flop because they flood the market.

    See Heritage High Number 2012 to 2013. Or Topps Minis 2012 to 2013.