Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quickie! (Pull Your Mind From The Gutter!!!)

Just a quick post today - the weather is finally nice and I don't want to be inside all day!

First, if you are collecting 2014 Topps Series 1 but you don't plan on putting together the Power Players insert set, SEND THEM TO ME. I am trying to put together the entire set (110 cards from S1, 110 cards from S2). If I can do it, I will be eligible to win a special autographed set. If I win that set, I will give away some cards from it to someone that helped me! So send them my way (with the code unused!)!

Second, I received a sweet package from Chris at Condition Sensitive earlier in the week. He sent me some awesome stuff:

For my Nelson Cruz PC, this awesome Pink Parallel from the base set, and the base Chrome card, which I didn't have a spare for my PC. Both Needed and very much appreciated!

A Harper Xfractor for my PC. Nice!

LAstly, a base auto of Darin Ruf. I know, you're probably thinking, "Judson, you aren't a Phillies collector. What gives?" Well, Ruf and I went to school together at Creighton (along with Yankees ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte). So I was pretty stoked to finally pick up one of his autos.

Thanks Chris!


  1. Venditte? He's one of my favorite minor leaguers to follow. I know he missed a bunch of time in 2012 due to injury, but I'm crossing my fingers he takes the momentum from the tail end of '13 and finds the Bigs in '14.

  2. I'm hoping Ruf pops 30 homers this year for the Phils!

  3. Good luck with that Power Players set. The 55 Hobby cards are pretty easy to get in a bulk lot or two, but the retail-exclusive half of the set has to be pieced together. I guess there aren't a lot of people breaking cases of retail.

    1. ...I didn't know half the set was retail. That's deflating. Dammit.

    2. Sorry about the bubble-bursting. I am trying to put together the set as well. It can be done, but I am finding that the retail half of the set is a little scarcer and thus a little higher-priced per card than I was hoping.