Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Blaster Filled With Parallel Goodies, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about a blaster I purchased that had a couple Puig parallels and a Rendon camo parallel.

Today, I sorted that blaster in order to collate it into my set. What I found was...interesting.

I had four different Ben Zobrist cards: the base and emerald, gold and blue parallels. That's kind of ridiculous. I also found out that I had 5 duplicates in the blaster. I hadn't noticed any duplicates until now.

Anyway, I'm slowly closing in on finishing the 2013 flagship set. I need only three cards from Series 1, 38 from Series 2 and 12 from Update Series. So please take a moment to look over my needs list and let me know if you have something I need. I'm more than happy to work out a trade with you!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Greg from ArgyledPlaschke referred me over to your site. I took a look through some of your 2013 Topps needs and have quite a bit from S2, and the Johnny Venters from S1. I also have a large collection of Bryce Harper cards I am trying to trade/sell. Check out my blog for more info on the Harper stuff. I also have a modest Darvish collection. I'd love to work out a trade. Let me know! :)