Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Been A While...

...Since I've posted anything. So let's post something.

I still have 11 spots open for the 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects break Sign up for a good cause!

Available Teams:
1. DBacks
2. Braves
3. O's - Ryan H.
4. Red Sox
6. White Sox
7. Reds
8. Indians
9. Rockies
10. Tigers
11. Astros
12. Royals
13. Angels
14. Dodgers
15. Marlins
16. Brewers
17. Twins
18. Mets - Stubby (PAID)
19. Yankees
20. A's
21. Phillies
22. Pirates - Nate Bell
23. Padres
24. Giants
25. Mariners
26. Cardinals
27. Rays
28. Rangers - Judson (PAID)
29. Blue Jays
30. Nats 

I also have a new card to add to my trade bait page.

This is a Hector Sanchez blue sapphire parallel, numbered 24 of 25. The base card was in Series 2, but, as with all of the blue sapphire parallels, I pulled this one from Update.

I have no real attachment to th is card, so make me a fair offer and it's yours!

I have a couple more cards to share for one of my PC's, but it will wait until later. Apologies for the brevity!

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