Monday, November 25, 2013

Come One, Come All!!!!

My box break for 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects isn't coming along as well as I thought it would. You can still sign up here, as I would really like to do it. However, I can't rely on that as a way to raise money for The Wounded Warriors Project.

So, I am putting some of my collection on eBay. I don't necessarily want to sell these cards, but the money raised by selling them will go to the WWP, and that's always a worthy cause. After all, these are just cards - I can always reaquire them in the future.

So if you have a moment, head over to my eBay page and check out the goods. Most items are fairly priced, some are a little high, but all proceeds are going to WWP.


  1. whee.. just won your emerald Puig. Hey, I know everyone's sick of Puig cards, but I don't own a single one. So now I took care of that, and for a good cause, so win-win!

    1. btw, I'm totally cool with a PWE instead of a bubble mailer.. ya know, to give that extra postage dollar to the cause.