Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Much Do You Love Your LCS? Part 2

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A little while back, I wrote a post about how awesome my LCS owner, Jimmy, is. He always gives me a great deal, and if he knows that the hits have been pulled from a box, he will open a new for me.

I consider Jimmy my friend. So when he called me to tell me he was interested in selling a mineral interest he owned, I was more than happy to help him out and find a buyer for him. Today, I took him a check - my boss ended up wanting to buy the minerals. After signing all the paperwork, Jimmy told me he had a gift for me.

Knowing that I was a Nelson Cruz fan, he gave me this, a game-used Nelson Cruz autographed bat. I stare at it every time I went into his store, I just didn't have the cash to but it.

I tried to tell him that I didn't need anything for helping him, that I was more than happy to do it for how well he has treated me in the past, but he would have none of it. So, this is my newest piece to my Nelson Cruz PC.

The bat is split from the handle to almost the end. This piece of tape if holding the split tight to keep it from completely splitting out.

So there it is - Jimmy is officially the best LCS owner in the world. How awesome is your LCS owner? (And don't forget to sign up for my break!)


  1. That is incredible!! I wish my LCS was like that. It's run by a father/son team. The son knows the hobby but is almost never there. The father is usually the one running the shop and he sees it as nothing more than a business. I doubt he would even give me a penny sleeve for free.

  2. WOW! That is an AWESOME pickup. Yeah, I don't think I've ever been to a card shop that would do that, that is very cool.