Monday, November 4, 2013

Kyle Is CLUTCH!!!

A few weeks back, I gave away some Chrome refractors I had sitting around with no use for. Kyle from Nolan's Dugout stepped up and claimed the Yankees (I believe that's right) and I was more than happy to send them his way.

Fast forward to today. Along with my eBay disaster, I found a hulking package in my mailbox! Kyle was kind enough to send over some cards that I needed for various sets!

I wasn't thinking when I took this picture. It looks like a single card, but really, it's a pretty good stack, certainly more than I sent to Kyle. If this would have been all he sent, it would have been more than enough! But, as the commercials say, "Wait, there's more!"

Again, poor foresight to not realize the directly-from-above shot wouldn't show the entire stack of cards. Take my word for it - there were a ton of cards!

Thanks again, Kyle! Now start blogging again!!!

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