Monday, November 18, 2013

This Post Rated NC-17

Yup. I went there. I made up a goofy post title by pulling it straight off of a card I acquired for one of my personal collections.

Are you dying to see it yet?

Okay, I'll share.

It's from 2013 Triple Threads, and before you start letting your mind wander into "shadier" neighborhoods, the "NC-17" is merely Cruz's initials and number. The letters and numbers have a bat relic backing, while the dash is backed by a two-color jersey swatch.

I guess I never knew about the "one-year wonder" of the number 17 in Texas. Learn something new every day, right? This baby is numbered 2 of 9.

I also added another relic to my Cruz PC this week. From the 2013 Topps Tribute WBC edition, here's a three-color swatch from Cruz's Dominican Republic jersey.

Numbered 39 of 50, this might be one of my favorite pieces. It's clear that it comes from the lettering of the jersey. The card is extremely thick, too, which adds to its cool factor.

The only problem I have with Tribute-WBC are the autographs. It seems like all of the autographs I see from this line are of the sticker variety, and I can't stand it. Random complaint, considering I was talking about a card with no autograph on it, but that's what came to mind, so I decided to share.  Enjoy!