Friday, March 7, 2014

A Post Long Overdue

This post should have been up a long time ago. I've received some cards froma few trades that I never posted about, and I am truly sorry. So, without further ado, let's take a look.
First, I completed a trade with Kalib from Cubs Cardboard (I swear, the blogosphere consists mainly of Cubs and Dodgers bloggers!). If you aren't following him, you should be! I sent him a few cards I pulled over Christmas, and in return, Kalib sent me these beauties:

That a short print photo variation of Darvish from 2012 Update. I'm a fan. Kalib also sent this sweet blue border auto of Rangers minor leaguer Ben Rowan. He had a down season last year, but if he can get it back together, he should be one of our better pitching prospects in the future. Thanks again Kalib!
A little while back, I sent out some Topps Chrome refractors to people that claimed them. Night Owl claimed the Dodgers, so I sent them his way with no expectation of anything in return. However, last week I received a package:

NO was kind enough to send me this Harper Chrome card, which officially completes my Update Chrome set! FINALLY! He also included a few more cards, including this Upper Deck card of Pudge. I'm digging the muscle shirt...I still can't believe those were ever a trend. 

Mr. Owl also included this Peter Broberg card. I've never heard of this particular card line - my knowledge of vintage cardboard is severely lacking - but I do know that I like the tallboy style.

The back of the card cracks me up. The poor guy is being mocked on his own card.
Also sending cards my way was Douglas of Sportscards from the Dollar Store. I sent him some Bowman cards that he needed. In return, I received a bonus package with this note:

I don't know how you would react, but my anticipation shot through the roof. The cards on the outside were these two:

But sandwiched in the middle was this guy:

A certified auto of righty Will Lamb, currently pitching for Hickory. Awesome card! This is my first pro debut card!
I also received an eBay package today. I mentioned that I liked the 2013 All Star Stitches cards. Well, here's the newest addition:

The Nelson Cruz gold edition, numbered 43 of 50. It's a beaut, right?
Lastly, Night Owl mention today that he received some Mystery Mail. Well, I have, too, on a couple occasions. First, I received these four cards in a PWE with no return address and no note:

Earlier this week, I received these cards (along with some 2014 S1) in a package mailed by Matthew Major of Fairfax, Virginia:

I checked my e-mail, and for the life of me I can't find Matthew anywhere.

So, if you sent me either of these packages, please come forward so I can properly say Thank You!


  1. When do you want to start collecting the money for the GQ Break? Is it filled or how many spots do you need?

  2. Matt from Fairfax is me! I must not have included a note. When I pulled the Series 1, they were needs but the package did get delayed. Hope they weren't all dupes by the time they got to you.