Monday, March 10, 2014

Only FOUR Spots Left In My 2014 Gypsy Queen Half-Case Break!!! JOIN NOW!!!!

There are only four spots remaining in my 2014 Gypsy Queen Half-Case Break! To refresh your memory:

  • You choose one team, you get a second team randomly assigned to you!
  • $40 gets all of the cards from your team and your random team, including shipping!
There are still a ton of teams to Choose from, including the Red Sox, Cardinals, Orioles and Tigers! If you haven't checked out what this year's product entails, let me list a few of them off for you:
  • Silver Framed parallels #'d 1/1
  • Clear Mini Parallels and Graphite Mini Parallels #'d 1/1
  • Minis featuring pennies from the birth year of the featured player
  • Red (/49), Gold (/25), Green (/10) and Purple (/1) parallel ON-CARD AUTOS!!! No sticker-graphs here!
  • A ton of other cool stuff!
So either comment below or on my original announcement post to sign up! Once the remaining four spots are filled, I will ask everyone to send in their money to order the boxes!


Available Teams:
1. DBacks
2. Braves - Chris Mays
3. O's - PATP
4. Red Sox
5.Cubs - Dutch
6. White Sox
7. Reds - Guntha17
8. Indians
9. Rockies
10. Tigers - Jimmy
11. Astros - Bru
12. Royals
13. Angels - PATP
14. Dodgers - defgav
15. Marlins
16. Brewers - Tony L.
17. Twins
18. Mets
19. Yankees - defgav
20. A's
21. Phillies - Brad (Brad's Blog)
22. Pirates - Nate Bell
23. Padres
24. Giants - arpsmith
25. Mariners
26. Cardinals
27. Rays
28. Rangers - PATP
29. Blue Jays
30. Nats - Judson


  1. Put me down for the Angels too. I'll pay as soon as I get my tax return. Any day now.

  2. Normally Angels in Order beats me to the Angels. Now other bloggers are doing it. Lol