Friday, March 28, 2014

Boring Week...Let's Randomize Teams!!!

This week has been painfully boring. I have had almost nothing to do with cards (except opening a few packs of Heritage and giving PATP grief about being a tease). Today, I am dying to write something for the blog.

So I decided to randomize teams for my 2014 Gypsy Queen break! Everyone is paid up with the exception of one person, who has already got in touch with me about it. Therefore, we are good to go.

I decided to randomize each list 17 times in homage to my guy Nelson Cruz, who will be bashing in Baltimore this year. It makes me sad to see him in a different uniform other than Rangers blue and white.

Anyway, here is the participant randomized list:

Followed by the randomized teams:

I'm at work and had to take a call about a well that we are selling, hence the three minute time difference. If anyone isn't okay with that...well, I'm sorry.

Now, as with my Allen & Ginter break last year, I'm okay with team trades. Just be sure to let me know what teams are going to who. Maybe there will be a prize for biggest trade! But don't ask me to trade - last time, I got stuck with the Twins and Marlins, I think, so I am going to stick with my first bout of good luck, the Cardinals.

If you have other questions, let me know, amigos!


  1. Nice. Mets and DBacks for me. I'd be willing to trade the Mets for either the Padres or Red Sox. And it probably wouldn't take much to get me to part with the DBacks. So yeah, if anybody wants to swap, let me know.

  2. Replies
    1. Shit, now I'm having second thoughts. I just know there's gonna be a Harvey/Wheeler/Wright auto button booklet thingy or something. While I've got team loyalty to the Padres, I can't imagine there's much chance for a hit from them. Ahh! Dilemma.

    2. So you're keeping the Mets right?

  3. Upon further review, I'm just going to stick with all my original teams.