Sunday, March 23, 2014

Updates To My Nelson Cruz PC

I apologize for flooding your timelines tonight. I've been putting off a remodel of my Nelson Cruz PC for a while, and since the latest iPhone update decided to screw up my phone and require a backup restore, I had a few minutes on my hand.

You may have gathered form my posts over the last few months that I have been trying to figure out exactly what I want with my collection and how to become more efficient in my collecting activities. What all of that contemplation has done for me is to make me realize that I need to focus on one player. I love Bryce Harper, Joey Gallo and the others listed, but my primary collecting will be devoted to Nelson Cruz.

When I read Beckett, I find myself wishing I was a supercollector like some of the men and women they spotlight. I can't do that for five or six different players. I need to have only one - and that one for me is Nelson Cruz. Why Cruz? Simple. He was my favorite player when he was with the Rangers. The fact that his PED connection dropped the price of his cards didn't hurt either.

So, my main two goals now are to make significant progress on the 2013 Triple Threads Nelson Cruz Project and to get my hands on as many Cruz cards as I can. That doesn't mean that I am going to stop collecting my other players, merely that I will not be going after them with the same vigor as I do Cruz cards.

Soon, I will have a list with all of Cruz's cards posted so you will know exactly which cards I have and which cards I need. Take a look and send me any that you might have!


  1. Good to have you aboard, fellow one-player collector! I'm working on a similar list myself, but it's taking forever...

  2. I collect 2 players and Phillies team sets, It's just about allocating resources. I switch off months at a time to what I go after, keeps it interesting