Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Days Are Just Better Than Others

I started writing this yesterday, but work got in the way. I didn't get to finish, so when you see "yesterday," read "Sunday." Thanks!!!
As I mentioned last night, I streamlined my collection. The Anthony Rendon collection is pretty much gone. However, it left me with a sizable chunk of change in my PayPal account. So, after covering my team for my GQ break, I decided to add some more cards to the Cruz collection.

After last night's Creighton loss to Baylor, I need some kind of therapy. I guess retail therapy will have to do.

First, I don't have any "silk" cards in my collection. To be honest, I think it's just another silly parallel put out by Topps to get people to buy more product in their never-ending search for a complete rainbow. Anyway, I found this one for a reasonable price:

This hails from the 2013 Flagship set and is numbered 30 of 50. Now I can say that I have one. Hooray.

Next up, one of the final pieces for my 2013 Topps Chrome Rainbow:

The atomic refractor, numbered 5 of 10. I forgot how much I enjoyed these cards. I'm not really sure why they are now called atomic refractors instead of cracked ice refractors, but no one really cares what I have to say. Now all I need is the pink refractor and the superfrcator (never going to happen). Brian of Play At The Plate fame has a pink refractor (I'm pretty sure, anyway), so you should go here and leave a comment pleading with him to sell it to me. I need it more than he does!

However, the big addition from the weekend knocks off one of my Top 5 Most Wanted...to be honest, I really didn't know if I would ever have a shot at this card, but here it is:

The 2013 Triple Threads Black White Whale! It has a beautiful four-color patch in the middle surrounded by two bat relics. How awesome is this card? It is nice...but a little rough around the edges. The back corners are a little soft, and the edges around the second "O" are rough. All that matters, though, is that this card now leaves me with only one plate needed!!!!

So that was my weekend. Like I said, everyone needs to visit PATP and let him know to sell me his pink Cruz refractor. And his 2013 Bowman Chrome Canary Yellow Refractor, as well!


  1. BOOMSTICK! That is crazy. That PATP can be a stubborn SOB and he's really hard to deal with.

  2. Awesome pickups. I was disappointed with Creighton's loss as well, since Nebraska was already out. Admittedly it was pretty shocking to see Nebraska in it at all. I can't remember the last time they had anywhere close to a decent basketball team. Creighton is usually solid though.